PK 167: Travel and Creativity. Interview with Jenni Onn From Creative Traveller Magazine.

Travel and creativity are closely linked, with scientific research now suggesting that people who travel tend to become more creative as a result.

But, have you ever wanted to just pack your bags and passport and jump on a plane to be inspired by the new sights and sounds of a different country?

In this week’s podcast, artist Jenni Onn explains why she founded her new magazine, Creative Traveller, and how this has enabled her to make contact with travelling artists from all over the world and get involved with all kinds of exciting creative projects.

So, if you’ve been getting itchy feet lately and wondering whether travelling is the right way to kickstart your creativity, then you might like to hear her story…

Because you’ll soon discover there’s a worldwide network of like-minded artists just waiting to meet you.

And, if buying a plane ticket to explore other countries isn’t an option, then don’t worry – there’s probably a cultural event taking place on your doorstep that could inspire you and help you connect with other artists.

Travel and Creativity – How to Reboot the Artist in You


“Somebody always knows somebody in this creative industry. And, because of the internet, we have a global reach now.” ~ Jenni Onn.

Key Takeaways From This Interview:

  • Why travel and creativity are so closely linked…and why so many people decide to up sticks and experience different cultures to reboot their love of making art
  • How Jenni used her experience as an artist and art director to get her magazine started
  • The skills you need to start working on your own magazine
  • Why the internet has opened up the doors for artists to collaborate worldwide
  • Why photographers, writers, and portrait painters are choosing to travel more
  • Why making global connections with other artists can help your creative career

We hope this week’s interview with Jenni Onn helps inspire you to discover more about travel and creativity.

What’s the most inspiring place you’ve ever visited? Share your experiences in the comments box below – we’d love to hear from you!

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