PK 100: The Best of Pencil Kings Top 10 Artist Interviews in One Awesome Podcast

Get the best art advice from leading creatives such as Sycra Yasin, Will Terrell, David Luong, Ahmed Aldoori, and many more in the 100th Pencil Kings Podcast Episode

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To celebrate our 100th episode, we’ve compiled the Top 10 Artist Interviews on Pencil Kings into one awesome free podcast for you to download and enjoy

Want the Top 10 Artist Interviews in one awesome podcast?

To celebrate reaching the 100th episode of the Pencil Kings podcast, we’ve taken the Top 10 Artist Interviews from the past two years and compiled them into one rather awesome package.

So, whether you’re an artist who’s just starting out, or an experienced creative who simply wants to try a different direction, we hope this special edition of the Pencil Kings podcast will give you everything you need to take your art career even further.

And, if you’re struggling to fit art into your busy life, we’ve got even more good news for you…

Because this 1-hour podcast features all the best bits from more than 50 hours of interviews with artists such as Sycra Yasin, Will Terrell, David Luong, Ahmed Aldoori, and many more.

Thanks for all your support so far – we truly hope you enjoy it 🙂

Top 10 Artist Interviews From Pencil Kings

01: Sycra Yasin (02:29-08:09)

sycra-yasin-croppedEver wondered how to come up with your own style as an artist?

In this podcast, we asked acclaimed artist and all-round YouTube superstar, Sycra Yasin, how he developed his unique signature style.

You’ll discover what motivates him as an artist, and how important it is to find your own voice – even if others don’t agree.

You can listen to Sycra’s interview in full here

02: Will Terrell (08:42-12:20)

will-terrell-cropEver had to face an emotional roadblock as an artist?

In this next excerpt, artist Will Terrell shares some amazing advice to help you break through any barriers that may be in your way, and start having more fun with your art!

You’ll also learn why getting to meet fellow artists can really help you get the most from your creativity and pick up some great tips to help you get the creative gigs you really want.

You can listen to Will Terrell’s full interview here

03: Yamile Yemoonyah (13:14-18:20)

Wondering how to turn your art into a business?

Y’know…something you can actually earn a decent living from?

Art marketing supremo, Yamile Yemoonyah, has helped countless artists fulfil their dreams.

And, in this highlight, you’ll learn how you can push your creative career forward, too.

You can listen to Yamile’s full interview here

04: Jesse Aclin (19:05-22:30)

If you want to learn more about developing your own style as an artist, this excerpt from our podcast with Jesse Aclin should give you plenty of inspiration.

You’ll discover how to have more fun with your art, and why it’s really not important to worry too much about finding your own style at first.

Why? Because this is something that will happen naturally as you develop as an artist.

You can listen to Jesse’s full interview here

05: Kan Muftic (23:10-27:27)

Are you stuck in a job that’s not right for you…

…but worried about taking the plunge to become  a full-time artist?

Kan Muftic had a successful career in video production, but he gave it all up to pursue his dream of becoming a concept artist.

How did he do it? You’ll find all the answers you need to take the plunge yourself in this highlight from his podcast.

You can listen to Kan’s full interview here

06: Ahmed Aldoori (28:18-32:45)

ahmed-cropWondering if you should go to art school or not?

In this highlight from his podcast interview, acclaimed artist, Ahmed Aldoori, talks about his time at art school and explains why choosing the right one is so important for your art career.

But he also lists all the great online resources available to you if going to art school simply isn’t an option.

You can listen to Ahmed’s full interview here

07: Alan McKay (33:37-39:52)

How do you achieve your dream of becoming an artist?

In this highlight, you’ll hear how VFX legend, Allan McKay, went from growing up in Australia to designing incredible explosions and other effects as a Hollywood film artist.

It’s all about breaking up a huge task into lots of smaller, bite-sized chunks. And, in this excerpt from our Top 10 Artist Interviews, you’ll learn exactly how to do this.

You can listen to Allan’s full interview here

08: Chris Kirkland (40:35-45:37)

Want to set up your online portfolio but don’t know where to start?

Don’t worry if you’re not a coding master or a web-savvy wizard – this podcast highlight with Artweb creator, Chris Kirkland, will show you how to get up and running in no time.

Because getting your work seen online really can be as easy as updating your Facebook status.

You can listen to Chris’ full interview here

09: David Luong (46:19-53:30)

What’s life like for an artist working in the video game industry?

In this podcast snippet, you’ll hear how David Luong progressed through his career to become a cinematic VFX artist at Blizzard – one of the world’s biggest games studios.

You’ll get an insight into how he works, plus some great takeaways you can start applying to your own art career.

You can listen to David’s full interview here

10: Mitch Bowler (54:10-01:03:25)

Do you have lots of art projects that you keep meaning to finish…but never do?

Don’t worry – this happens to all of us.

And, in this final highlight from our Top 10 Artist Interviews, Pencil Kings founder, Mitch Bowler, takes you through the four stages of artistic development and gives you a clear roadmap of how to proceed.

So get ready to finish what you started as an artist. Because you’ve got all the tools you need at your fingertips.

You can listen to Mitch’s full podcast here

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