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PK 089: How to Become an Artist in the Film Industry – Interview with Matte Painter Conrad Allan

Ever wondered how to become an artist in the film industry?
In this podcast, we talk to matte painter, Conrad Allan, who shares some indispensable advice for any of you aspiring artists out there who want to see your name on the end credits.
But this interview isn’t just for those who want to get into the movies. It’s also crammed with super-useful information on how artists working in any genre can find their niche market and seek out inspiring new projects to work on…

PK 088: Should Visual Artists Start a YouTube Channel? Nikolas Hagialas on the Important Questions to ask Yourself First

Should visual artists start a YouTube channel? Take a look at the hugely popular video-sharing site and you’ll see a huge amount of artists uploading tutorials and engaging with their fans. Some of them have even managed to carve out a whole new career online! But should you be starting a YouTube channel, too? Find out in this week’s podcast with artist Nikolas Hagialas…

PK 086: Jonah Lobe Talks About Creativity and Depression…and how to Beat it

Creativity and depression often seem to go hand in hand for many artists. At times, it seems like the dreaded fear of failure or uncertainty about the future can just become too much for us…and often when we least expect it. In this podcast, games and concept artist, Jonah Lobe, talks openly about his own battle with anxiety attacks and how you can conquer your fears and take back control of your destiny.