PK 133: Want to Unlock Your Creativity? Get Reckless! Interview with Clark Huggins, Creator of The Reckless Deck

Want to know how to unlock your creativity? In this week’s interview, artist and illustrator, Clark Huggins, explains how the idea of Reckless Deck – a card game designed to help fantasy and concept artists create characters more easily – came about.
You’ll discover the complete process behind creating this product, from an initial idea to going into production. And you’ll also hear how Clark turned a Kickstarter fail into a win through approaching things differently…

PK 130: How to Create a Graphic Novel and Launch it Successfully on Kickstarter. Interview With “North” Creator, Scott Sawyer

Want to know how to create a graphic novel and get it published? Kickstarter is littered with failed art projects, and one of the biggest reasons for this is the lack of an established audience.
Yet, despite this, today’s guest Scott Sawyer was able to buck the trend and raise CA$ 12,181 in just 8 days. Find out how in this week’s artist interview…

PK129: Carl Potts on the Golden Age of Marvel and How to Break Into the Comics Industry

Want to know how to become a comic book artist? As former editor for Marvel in the 1980s, artist and educator, Carl Potts, knows exactly what publishers are looking for when they decide to hire you or not.
And, in this interview, he draws on his years of experience in the comic book and creative industries to give you a clear breakdown of the skills you’ll need to become successful.

PK128: Are You a Creative Introvert, and What can you do About it? Interview With Cat Rose from

Are you a creative introvert? In this podcast, Cat Rose reveals how her own introversion led to her setting up and helping artists market themselves without feeling icky.
So, if you’ve ever shuddered at the thought of networking or promoting yourself on social media, take a listen…because you’ll probably discover that what’s been holding you back isn’t such a big deal after all.