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PK 130: How to Create a Graphic Novel and Launch it Successfully on Kickstarter. Interview With “North” Creator, Scott Sawyer

Want to know how to create a graphic novel and get it published? Kickstarter is littered with failed art projects, and one of the biggest reasons for this is the lack of an established audience.
Yet, despite this, today’s guest Scott Sawyer was able to buck the trend and raise CA$ 12,181 in just 8 days. Find out how in this week’s artist interview…

PK 113: The Freedom of a Freelance Art Career – Interview With Acclaimed Illustrator, Derek Stenning

The freedom of a freelance art career can help you see the world and get involved with all kinds of exciting opportunites. In this interview, acclaimed Canadian illustrator, Derek Stenning, talks about traveling through Europe, living in Iceland, and getting to work with concept art legend, Scott Robertson.
He also reveals why building up a regular client base and collaborating with other artists is the key to a fulfilling and successful creative career.

PK 112: Creating a Graphic Novel and Finding Time for Art – Interview With Patricio Clarey

Creating a graphic novel is a number one goal for many artists, but it’s also one of the hardest things you can possibly do.
So how does anyone actually manage to do it? In this week’s interview, artist Patricio Clarey reveals the graft and grit that went into creating his third graphic novel, and why he’s determined to keep going and produce even more.