PK 141: Creativity and Travel – What I’ve learned from 5 months on the road. Interview with Artist, Blogger and Traveller, Derek Rodenbeck.

Creativity and travel go hand in hand…but what happens if you give up everything and take your creative show on the road?
That’s what Derek Rodenbeck has done, and we catch up with him again to see what he’s learned in the past 5 months of travelling city to city and often living out in nature in a tent with his girlfriend and their two huge dogs.

PK 137: Is your fan art legal? Let’s ask an IP Lawyer. Interview With IP Lawyer and Indie Filmmaker, Seth Polansky

Go to any comic con and you’ll see countless artists selling fan art featuring some of our most popular characters. But could you be breaking the law as an artist by producing this kind of work? And how can you avoid getting slapped with a lawsuit for infringing copyright? In this interview, we talk with an actual IP lawyer, Seth Polansky, to see exactly where artists stand when making art based on our favorite comic book and game characters.

PK 133: Want to Unlock Your Creativity? Get Reckless! Interview with Clark Huggins, Creator of The Reckless Deck

Want to know how to unlock your creativity? In this week’s interview, artist and illustrator, Clark Huggins, explains how the idea of Reckless Deck – a card game designed to help fantasy and concept artists create characters more easily – came about.
You’ll discover the complete process behind creating this product, from an initial idea to going into production. And you’ll also hear how Clark turned a Kickstarter fail into a win through approaching things differently…