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PK 133: Want to Unlock Your Creativity? Get Reckless! Interview with Clark Huggins, Creator of The Reckless Deck

Want to know how to unlock your creativity? In this week’s interview, artist and illustrator, Clark Huggins, explains how the idea of Reckless Deck – a card game designed to help fantasy and concept artists create characters more easily – came about.
You’ll discover the complete process behind creating this product, from an initial idea to going into production. And you’ll also hear how Clark turned a Kickstarter fail into a win through approaching things differently…

PK 096: How to Become a Fantasy Concept Artist With Gateway Creator, Sean Murray

Ever wanted to know how to become a fantasy concept artist? Sean Murray has been creating his own fantasy worlds for many years.
Along the way, he’s collaborated with many other artists and creatives, including Pacific Rim and Hellboy director, Guillermo del Toro.
So what inspires Sean to come up with incredible fantasy worlds such as The Great City of Gateway?
And how can you get all those amazing ideas out of your head and onto the page? The answers are all in this week’s podcast…

Create Your Own Character: How to Write an Outline for Your Characters

Writing an outline is the first step towards creating a great character design This is part 2 of a 3-part series on designing characters Part 1 – Character design tips for better concept art Part 2 [You Are Here] – How to write an outline for your character Part 3 – Building the perfect reference library Looking to create your own …

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