PK 001: Sycra Yasin Interview on How to Create Your Own Style

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podcast_sycra_yasin_01Style Experiments by Sycra Yasin

“Whenever you look at a piece of art and like it, try and think a little bit more about exactly why you like it. This will help you develop your own style.”

You’ve probably seen him on YouTube, and this Sycra Yasin interview goes back into his past to find out what it was that made him want to start to be an artist in the first place. He also talks about how he came up with his new style of artwork and what was behind driving the decision to make a change in the way he was creating his paintings.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How to get started as an artist by reaffirming with yourself what your goals are
  • How to approach creating your own style
  • Finding inspiration from other people’s work

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Mentioned in the episode:

Sycra on Youtube
Sycra’s Website
Sycra on Deviant Art

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