Step by Step Drawing isn’t dead? So now what??


Mitch’s latest post ‘Step By Step Lessons Are Dead‘ brought out some amazing responses! That was really impressive to see the strong opinions on step by step drawing lessons and to hear so many different sides to that subject. Well, you have spoken and your views are really valuable to us so maybe the next best step is to get your input on what you want to see and what methods we should provide.

I am of the belief that a variety of styles may be best as different people learn different ways. Not only that, but there are different stages we go through as artists that become more effective at a specific stage in our development. But that is just me, I am more interested in hearing what you all have to say about it.

So now the floor is open to you guys. What are your views on step by step drawing lessons? Although we have our own ideas of what is best, we also recognize that everyone is different and we want to do our best to address that. So let me ask you:

What Teaching Methods or Practices Would You Like to See More of on Pencil Kings?

Responses can include:

Which method helped you the most?
When level of artist were you at the time?
What were some of the plus points and negatives of that particular method?

Again, it may be a variety of styles so feel free to go with more than one. We are really looking forward to hearing what you all have to say!

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