PK 088: Should Visual Artists Start a YouTube Channel? Nikolas Hagialas on the Important Questions to ask Yourself First

Should visual artists start a YouTube Channel? Artist Nikolas Hagialas shares his experiences in this week’s podcast interview…

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“If you leave a long enough legacy, someone’s going to find your work and want to hire you.

~ Nikolas Hagialas

Should visual artists start a YouTube channel?

Take a look at the hugely popular video-sharing site and you’ll see a huge amount of artists uploading tutorials and engaging with their fans. Some of them have even managed to carve out a whole new career online!

But should you be starting a YouTube channel, too?

Is it really going to help raise your presence online…or would you be better off concentrating on finding paying clients instead?

In this week’s podcast, freelance concept artist and art director, Nikolas Hagialas, talks about his plans to start a YouTube channel with fellow creative, Derek Rodenbeck.

And, he considers the important questions to ask yourself before embarking on any new creative project…

Why Should Visual Artists Start a YouTube Channel?

Nikolas Hagialas is a freelance concept artist and art director based in Pennsylvania. He always wanted to be an artist and went to Penn State University, where he majored in Fine Arts with a focus on new media.

Soon after leaving college, he started doing freelance work for several clients, and built up his audience through doing this and attending art events.

Currently, he’s an art director on a trading card game and has been working with Nectar Game Studios on the successful Kickstarter launch of their new video game, Project Resurgence. He’s also working on a comic book called Edge of Extinction while fitting in several other freelance projects.

But the big project on Nik’s mind right now is a new YouTube channel he’s starting with fellow artist, Derek Rodenbeck.

Nikolas describes the concept of their new channel, Art Bros, as: “a lifestyle channel that helps inspire other creatives but is also interesting for people who aren’t necessarily in the art industry.”

Each video aims to offer an insight into the daily life of a creative freelancer combined with Nik and Derek’s shared love of art and weightlifting. It’s an unlikely combination, but it’s one they both hope will be a winning formula.

But isn’t it a huge risk to embark upon a new creative project without knowing how it’s going to pan out? And, should visual artists start a YouTube channel or would they be better off working on other things?

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How much time to devote to a YouTube channel
  • Why making money isn’t always your main objective
  • How a YouTube channel can help boost your online presence

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