How to Draw Expressions | 05 |Drawing a Furious Expression

how to draw a furious face finished drawing

Want to know how to draw a furious face? In the last ‘how to draw expressions’ lesson, you focused on the angry face.

And, in this lesson, you’re going to push that even further into a furious expression!

Here’s a look at the finished drawing for this lesson.

drawing an angry face finished sketch

Lower the Eyebrows for Dramatic Effect

One of the main keys to drawing any angry expression is to drop those eyebrows. The more you drop them, the more extreme the expression generally becomes.

Because in this lesson you’re going to learn how to draw a furious face, you can really drop those eyebrows a lot and have them cover a little bit of the eye.

Also draw in the creases between the eyebrows to make them really pronounced.

drawing a furious face eyebrows

Adjusting the Nose, Mouth and Adding more Creases

As the upper lip raises it is also going to push the nose up a little bit and add some deep creases to both sides of it. The mouth is going to open, and rise up on the sides.

The teeth are naturally going to be clenched, and you should draw the sides of the mouth stretching outward past the edges of the teeth. This will naturally create some shadow on the inside of the mouth on the outer edges of the teeth.

Finish off lesson on how to draw a furious face by adding some additional creases to the lower eyelid and on the outer edges of the eyebrows. The bottom lip should also be drawn with a fairly major crease below it.

We hope you enjoyed this article on how to draw a furious face. In the next expression drawing lesson you’ll be learning to create another extreme expression – laughter.


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