PK 131: How to Build a Successful Freelance Art Career Without Burning Out! Interview with Artist Diego Jourdan Pereira

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“So that’s pretty much it: You find something you like and you try to move in that direction…and if that doesn’t pan out, don’t be sentimental about it – look for work elsewhere.”

~ Diego Jourdan Pereira

In this week’s interview, artist and illustrator, Diego Jourdan Pereira, shares his essential advice and tips from a long, established career in the creative industry.

Having broken out of his native Chile to live in several different countries and produce work for clients across the globe, he’s learned stacks of valuable lessons along the way.

With a refreshing honesty and a no-nonsense approach to the reality of being a working artist, he sheds lights on what a freelance art career actually looks like…and how you can avoid the pitfalls faced by many new artists.

How to Build a Successful Freelance Art Career

Interview Chapters:

00:00 – 02:23


Mitch introduces today’s guest, Diego Jourdan Pereira, and asks him about his long career in the creative industry.

03:37 – 06:08

How did Diego get started as a freelance artist?

Diego had to look for work outside of his native Chile to establish himself as an artist. Hear how he did it in this chapter.

06:35 – 10:57

What are the big takeaways from Diego’s long freelance career?

Diego has experienced all kinds of highs and lows during his freelance career. What are the key lessons he’s learned from it?

11:50 – 13:02

What is it really like to work as a freelance artist?

Becoming a freelance artist isn’t for everyone. In this chapter, Diego talks with refreshing honesty about his career as a freelance artist and offers stacks of practical, no-nonsense advice to help you decide if this is the right path for you.

13:54 – 18:54

How do you approach publishers and clients to find work?

If you want to go freelance, you’ll need to reach out to prospective clients and publishers to find work. But how should you do it? In this chapter, Diego shares the approach that’s worked for him in a career spanning several decades.

19:46 – 23:03

Why are collaboration and teamwork so important in your art career?

Networking and building relationships with other artists and clients is essential for a successful freelance career. Find out why in this chapter.

23:38 – 31:18

How has Diego built an established freelance art career and which lessons has he learned along the way?

What are the big lessons Diego has learned during his career? He shares them all in this revealing chapter.

32:35 – 35:17

How can you avoid buring yourself out and still enjoy your creative career?

Make no mistake. Some areas of the creative industry can be super-tough to work in. In this chapter, Diego reveals how to enjoy a long, happy and healthy career – without burning yourself out.

35:58 – 42:08

What do Diego’s latest creative projects look like?

Diego is currently working on lots of exciting new projects. Hear more about them in this chapter.

42:36 – 43:39

Where can you see Diego’s work online?

Want to check out Diego’s portfolio online? All the info you need is in this chapter.

43:40 – 45:18


Mitch wraps up this interview and gives you a heads-up on all the exciting stuff coming up on Pencil Kings!
Some examples of Diego’s portrait illustrations:

So, if you’ve ever wondered how to build a successful freelance art career, we hope this week’s interview with Diego gives you lots of super-useful insights to help you on your way.

What are your experiences of freelancing? Share your story in the comments box below – we’d love to hear from you 🙂

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