PK 139: How to Break Out of Art Jail – Interview With Chris Oatley from The Oatley Academy

Want to know how to break out of art jail and finally move forwards with your creative career? In this interview, Chris Oatley reveals the simple changes you can make to really start making progress.

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“The risk of failure is one thing. The willingness to continue to fail over and over and over again until you get it right is a tall order for a lot of people.”

~ Chris Oatley, The Oatley Academy

chris-oatleyWant to know how to break out of art jail and finally move forwards with your creative career?

Do you long to leave your day job but just don’t know how to make progress as an artist?

In this interview, Chris Oatley from The Oatley Academy reveals the simple changes you can make to really start pushing things forwards.

Drawing on years of experience with students of his hugely popular online courses and community, he highlights the most common roadblocks faced by aspiring artists, and what you can do to get past these and finally start working towards a more fulfilling career.

It’s not about becoming a rockstar artist, and it certainly isn’t about having overnight success. What it really boils down to is your willingness to keep working and learning from your mistakes.

And, in this week’s interview, you’ll find everything you need to help you do just that.

How to Break Out Of Art Jail And Make Progress

Interview Chapters:


Introduction and Career Overview

Your host, Mitch Bowler, introduces today’s guest, Chris Oatley, from The Oatley Academy, who reveals how he quit his job as an artist at Disney after five years to become a full-time educator helping other artists break into the creative industries.


In this chapter, Chris talks about why he decided to leave behind a stable, reliable career as a Disney artist and make the leap of faith to go it alone.

It was a risky move and a steep learning curve with many mistakes made along the way, but Chris made it through to the other side. How did he do it? Listen up to find out.


What Do You Do When Things Don’t Go To Plan?

If you’re determined to learn how to break out of art jail and become an artist, it’s highly likely things won’t always go to plan.

In this chapter, Chris reveals how he picked himself up when things went wrong, and why finding the motivation to keep going is a huge part of winning the battle.


How Can The Oatley Academy Help You Reach Your Goals as an Artist?

Constructive critique and support are vital if you want to progress as an artist.

In this chapter, Chris talks about nurturing talent in his community, and why it’s a safe haven for any aspiring artists who want to improve.

He also describes the numerous creative workshops and sessions at The Oatley Academy, and why he’s constantly inspired by the progress his students continue to make.


Why is Trust Vital to Your Artistic Growth?

To develop as an artist, you need to trust the person mentoring you and be able to give an honest appraisal of your own abilities and progress as an artist.

In this chapter, Chris reveals how he works with his students to give them encouragement and provides honest, constructive feedback to help them take the next steps.


Can You Really Make a Career as an Artist?

Many aspiring creatives abandon their dreams after being told there isn’t any money in making art.

However, the creative industry offers all kinds of opportunities for artists of all abilities.

In this chapter, Chris reveals what those opportunities are, and why the artists working behind the scenes on projects play an equally vital role as the big names who get all the attention.


What Are The Most Common Obstacles Faced by Artists?

Whether it’s family life, work, or the constant fear of not being good enough, there are all kinds of obstacles that can get in the way of pursuing a creative career.

In this chapter, Chris outlines some of the most common ones faced by his students and shares some useful steps you can take to overcome them.

You’ll also learn how to avoid falling into the rabbit hole of social media and video games, and how to track your time to work more efficiently.


Why There’s No Growth Without Risk

Becoming an artist isn’t always an easy option, but it can be a truly fulfilling choice for those prepared to take risks.

In this section, Chris reveals the big takeaways he’s learned from his own experiences, and how you can find the strength to take some risks too.


Conclusion and Where to Find Chris Oatley Online

Want to find out more about The Oatley Academy and what it can do for you? Here’s where you need to be!

We hope this week’s interview with Chris Oatley from The Oatley Academy helps you learn how to break out of art jail and take the next steps with your creative career.

What are the biggest things holding you back? Share your story in the comments section below – we’d love to hear from you!

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