Drawing Expressions | 07 |The Sad Expression

how to draw a sad face basic sketch

How to Draw a Sad Face: Start With Worried Eyebrows

Ready to learn how to draw a sad face?

One of the big things that is going to sell your sad expression is having the eyebrows curving upward toward the middle.

In addition to curving up, the corners of the eyebrows are going to push downward.

This will force the tissue between the eyebrow and upper eyelid to push down over top of the upper eyelid.

Add a Sad Mouth

For the next part of this tutorial on how to draw a sad face, we’re going to look at the mouth.

The corners of the mouth need to pull down, and the bottom lip should stick out a bit more than it usually does.

From the tilt of the head the lower lip is hiding the corner of the mouth on the far side of the face.

drawing a sad face sad mouth

As the lip pushes out and the edges of the lips pull down a slight crease is formed where the muscles that control the lower lip begin to press down against the chin area.

drawing facial expressions sad face

Finish the Eyes

When learning how to draw a sad face, it’s a good idea to push the lower eyelids up slightly. Depending on how sad you want your character to look, you can adjust the amount that the eyelids are covering the eye.

More coverage will give you a look that’s more sad.Finish off this lesson on how to draw a sad face by adding in eyelashes that curve out and upward from under that mass of skin and tissue that you created in the first step.

That’s all there is to it! You’re almost finished off with this series on how to draw a sad face and drawing expressions. Just one more lesson to go!

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