Posing Your Character | 02 |How to Draw Male Proportions

how to draw male proportions male torso

Starting Off

Are you ready to learn how to draw male proportions? For this stylized male character the proportions will be very similar to the female when compared side by side.

Notice the head is slightly taller, as well as all of the major horizontal markers on the body like the shoulders, bottom of rib cage and the hips.This stylized male also has much wider shoulders than the female, as well as a smaller waist.

Keep in mind that these proportions, especially the width of the shoulders and hips, are great for this style of character than a traditional human.

If you are trying to draw in a different style you may need to modify these widths to suit your desired style.

Adding in Legs

The first thing to notice here is that the male has a wider stance than the female, as well as more bulging in the leg muscles.

When you are first sketching your characters and trying to get the pose right, you can draw simple circles to represent the major joints in the body.

drawing male body finished torso

You can see joints were added to the hips, knees and ankles so that it’s easier to compare the distances of the bones between the joints and get them in proper proportion to each other.

When you are drawing guides, always use light pressure on the pencil so that you can easily erase any lines later on as you drawing progresses.

male body proportions detailed torso and legs

Detailing the Torso and Arms

When learning how to draw male proportions, try and keep your lines straighter and more angular instead of flowing and curvy like the lines you made for the female character.

There are a few reasons for using these types of lines:

  • The different line styles will give a subtle enhancement to the differences between your male and female characters.
  • The straight, angular lines will help to show the muscles of your male characters more closely.

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