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Photoshop Digital Art Tutorials: Micro Details

For the next stage in our Photoshop digital art tutorials, we’re going to be adding some final details.

The drawing is almost complete, and now it’s time to go in and add even more tiny details as well as adjusting any areas that may need refinement.

There’s no real formula to this, you just need to look at your drawing overall and try to see all parts at the same time, and see where your eye leads you to where either the form is not correct, the lighting needs a touchup, or there are little details that can be added.

While you are doing this, it’s easy to get lost in the details, so try to keep in mind the overall drawing and what level of detail you have put into other areas so that you can have a consistent level of detail across the entire painting.

photoshop digital art tutorials finished painting

digital art with photoshop flip canvas

Canvas Flipping

While you are looking for areas of improvement, don’t be afraid to flip your canvas in any direction to get another view of your work.

This is probably one of the most popular tips from our Photoshop digital art tutorials, and it’s one you’re sure to use in future!


digital art painting tonal values


Evaluating Tone

As you continue to refine your drawing and you are starting to feel like it is approaching completion, a good thing to check is how it looks as a black and white image.

This is another opportunity, just like flipping the canvas, to see mistakes and find areas that need refinement.

And that’s it for this series of Photoshop digital art tutorials. If you enjoyed it, we’d love to hear from you!

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