PK 029: Arturo Aguirre on Kock Fighter Club and Creating Your First Comic Books

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A scene from Kock Fighter Klub by Arturo Aguirre

“Feedback is good for any artist. It lets you know that what you’re doing is worth it.”

Most artists like to challenge themselves, but Arturo Aguirre has gone one step further. He’s decided to launch a comic book series without ever having done one before!

In this podcast, he talks about dealing with rejection and what spurs him on to make art. Managing to balance a full-time job as a concept artist with creating his comic from his studio in Guatemala, Central America, it’s hard work, dedication, and feedback from others that have helped this project get off the ground.

The graphic novel, called Kock Fighter Club, features a bunch of crazy characters that have proved popular online already. Starting with the main character, McCluck (a Scottish fighting Kock), Arturo went on to create a whole series of opponents for him to battle it out with in the ring. The results are hugely entertaining and often hilarious!

Find out what motivates Arturo in this podcast and discover why developing your own style and having the courage to try new things is so important for any artist.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why setting yourself deadlines can help motivate you
  • How to inject humor and personality into your characters
  • Why you should never give up doing what you love

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Arturo on YouTube

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